Nisbets: Be More Chef
Commercial, 2018

I worked on this commercial in 2018, to create rich, snappy sounds for food preparation to go along with the music and voiceover, for a dynamic and exciting edit. The film was run as a targeted advert on Sky TV.

Short Film, 2017
Eternal: A Star Wars Story

One of the most fun projects I've ever done, creating original lightsaber sounds, spaceship engines, and force sensitivity. The director gave me the freedom, rather than using stock sound effects from the official films, to create the sounds from scratch my own way.

Short Film, 2018

A short film to demonstrate how social anxiety can feel. This involved some interesting audio manipulation and breathing ADR to create a dynamic and threatening soundscape.

Song of the Open Road
Short Film, 2018

This short film involved natural dialogue mixing, foley, and also creative sound design to manipulate dialogue into an eerie background noise.